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Big Performance Update
+ Mogboard through ShadowBringers release

Posted: Sunday 23rd June, 2019
Performance Update

Todays update brings a long-awaited performance boost. This is gained from having Mogboard talk directly to my Companion Storage service rather than going via XIVAPI.

Not only does this reduce latency it also allows me to perform bulk requests, now when loading an item I can query the market information for all servers at the exact same time rather than 1 by 1.

In addition, I've increased graphs to 500 entries history purchases. Eventually I will get graphs to show the entire history but this requires a re-think on how I store data.

Graph Updates
  • The graph now includes the quantity sold as a secondary volume. This is included for both HQ and HQ and shown in tooltips.
  • "Outlier" logic has been improved and affects both purchases and listings, this should improve graphs when random spikes happen.
  • The graph navigator bar will now show previews for both HQ and NQ and be color correct.
  • A highstock "Boost" module has been added, apparently this allows GPU rendering for graphs, so hopefully it's faster!
  • Mobile improvements have been made so the graphs are responsive.
* Minor known issue: If a graph only has enough data for a couple weeks, the 1m/3m/6m zooms may not work.
Mogboard through ShadowBringers

I've been asked a couple times what will happen to MogBoards when the expansion drops? When will the new items appear? Will updating stay as expected?

Right now it's all a bit unknown. This is the 1st expansion in MogBoards life and it is hard to judge.

Planned Timeline
  • Monday 24th June:
    EU servers: Spriggan + Twintania will have their items moved to general population queues. Currently both servers have their items on queue 70, this queue is isolated so that "New" items can be prioritised, however since both of these servers are new it meant that every item was "new".
  • Tuesday 25th --> Friday 28th June:
    I am going to be relaxing a bit here, I will do any quick fixes to the site or any user suggestions that are very easy. However I want to spend time playing FFXIV and getting ready for ShB, I am very excited for the expansion!!
  • Friday 28th June:
    ShadowBringers Early Access begins. At this time, it is expected that all data-mining tools will break and we will be working on patching these. This means items cannot be added to the system right away. In addition, due to it being "Early Access" there is concern over what SE concerned "Spoiler Free", if that is the 28th or the 2nd.
  • ShB 1-2...3 Weeks in
    A new expansion always fetches in a large amount of players and with this our best friend: "Server Issues", YAY, miss him... If SE start having server instability issues it might be that I have to reduce or even completely stop my Companion scraping. The risk of account bans during this period is very high.

    I understand that 2-3 weeks may be a very long time without the site working (I'm hoping you're enjoying ShB so much its fine :D).. But I have to weigh the risks versus keeping things running.

    I will keep a post on the home page with status updates.

If you have any questions, be sure to jump on the Discord!

Patreon Support

I want to give a huge thank you to all those that have supported on Patreon, it helps so much in running and maintaining the site.

To give an example, to accommodate the huge performance boost in this update I also doubled the resources of the Companion server, this was possible through Patreon support and meant I did not have to worry about "cutting costs".

If you think you can help out the site, be sure to check out my Patreon page

Thank you!

I hope you all have fun and hype ShadowBringers!

- Thank you, Premium Virtue (Phoenix)

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