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Homepage, retainer and list changes + privacy adjustments

Posted: Monday 20th May, 2019

New Homepage!

Today brings a brand new home page. The goal is to build on this by adding more market information that is relevant to you. This first pass is just to get a lot of the ground work in (Feed generation, data aggregation, etc).

With this new homepage you can get:

  • A centralised feed called Market Activity, this will pull in information on when your alerts get triggered, as well as price updates for items on any of your lists (You must have a verified character for this to work).
  • All your lists are visible in tabs and can be accessed on the left
  • All your alerts are on the left and clicking into them will show recent events for each alert on an item.

Lists now have market info!

This was heavily demanded, you can now fetch in market info for lists. Lists can have 20 items and you can make 10 lists, Each list has its own page which fetches in the top 5 prices and the top 5 last sales DC-Wide for your entire list.

Lists can be shared to anyone using the URL. Their privacy is Public so long as you know the URL.

Retainers now have market info

Just like lists, your retainers will also fetch in market information. This means you can compare your current price (the top table) against the current cheapest on your DC as well as the last 5 sales on your DC.

Healer + DPS Perk Activated

The Friends with Benefits perk is now live. For those that have a patreon status of healer or DPS you can now go to Account > Patreon Perks and assign who you want to give perks to!

Privacy Changes

After much thought and discussion: Retainer pages are now private, you will not be able to see the stuff another retainer is selling on Mogboard. I had a lot of people message be regarding their concerns on this and had to think what benefit this page actually brings to the table... So as of now you must be the owner of the retainer, verified it and be logged in to view your own retainer pages.

The original idea was to have retainer pages as a sort of "Shop", however I think building this as a feature in-it self is more valuable. So the goal will be to implement a custom "Shop" feature where you can put your own prices for any item up, you can link your retainer if you wish to, you can even set prices for non-market board things such as crafted gear commissions. This will integrate into Teamcraft to provide a much more personalised page than basic "Retainer Sells X/Maybe".

There have also been a ton of bug fixes in all kinds of areas, improved screens when you receive and error, whenever you do get an error on the site, 9/10 times I get a Discord notification and will usually fix it on the fly. Some errors are not sent to me (login failures, 404 pages, etc), but most are! If you keep getting an error and it isn't being fixed, be sure to bug me on Discord :)

Over this week and next week I will be focusing on:

  • Mobile styles
  • Site performance and scaling backend stuff
  • Patreon "friend benefit" features
  • Get the site translated (not just game-content)

I have setup a Trello, I originally planned to pause work in June to focus on XIVAPI but with how my work schedule is going I will likely be working on both in June and then shifting focus on XIVAPI by the end of June to prepare for the Expansion.

Note regarding the Expansion: I may have to "pause" the site during the expansion launch. It seems whenever SE have server issues, I receive account bans... so right now I am thinking for the first week I may pause my auto-updating of prices, Manual updates will still be possible, but nothing will "Auto-Update". This is not set in stone, but I thought it important to pre-warn!

I hope you all have a great week, and I'll post an update this weekend for the new stuff going out!

Discontinued Features

Features not currently being implemented on the home page at this time.

My original plan was to also include a couple more features however these are being postponed indefinitely for now and here are the reasons:

  • Retainer Sales - At this time due to the way the Companion API works, there is no way to link a Purchase History to a Retainer sale. There are no unique ID's and not even the retainer info is visible in the Purchase history. What you see in-game is what is available on the API...
  • Character Purchase History - I build this page and everything was going well... However I soon came to realise 2 major flaws with the Companion API:
    1. If you purchase an item on another server, there is no way to know if that was you or someone else. For example: "Tony Stark" is on the server "Lich", and "Tony Stark" from the server "Phoenix" world-visits over. There are now 2 "Tony Stark" characters on the server "Lich", when "Tony Stark" buys an item, who was it? (like one of those school exam questions...), the answer is: Who knows. There is 0 way to know and if you view the item transaction history in-game, every name you see you will never know if that character is on your server or not...
    2. Which leads issue #2, character ownership. Say I go to "Lich" and buy a bunch of items. However Steve comes along and makes "Premium Virtue" on "Lich", he now owns that character, not me as I didn't make a character on Lich, my character is on Phoenix... So... He can in theory view my entire purchase history? Since I can only go off "Name+Server" then there is no garauntee to know if its my purchases or Steve's purchases... Concerning.

- Thank you, Premium Virtue (Phoenix)

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