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All feedback is read by the mogboard staff. It is important that your feedback is clear and easy to understand should any action be required (updates, bug fixes, feature suggestions). Any negative or rude messages will be disregarded, if you need help with anything it may be quicker to message one of the mogboard members directly through discord.

If there is a bug on a specific page, please provide a link to that page. If it's regarding out of date prices, please understand that the system cannot provide 100% real-time prices and that there will be an "Last Updated" time for each server. Check this, if it is above 3 days then it is bugged (however we should know about it by then!).


  • Why is item "XYZ" not updating often?

    There could be many reasons why. First thing is it is important to know what Queue it is in. If the item does not sell often (over a long period of time...) then it will not be updated as often. All items aim to update within a 2 day period unless they sell very rarely or not at all.

    Mogboard cannot provide 100% up to date prices as Square-Enix BAN accounts that perform too many requests to the Companion API. So until things improve in that area not much can be done.

  • Why has my alert not triggered?

    Check if your alert is using the trigger: Price_Added, this trigger is a TIMESTAMP and not a "Gil Price", so if you put "Price_Added < 150" then it's going to be looking at the Epoch Timestamp + 150 seconds.. Which would be January 1st 1970 + 150 seconds

    Make sure to remove these kinds of triggers unless you know how to make a timestamp.

  • Why can't we get items sold by NPCs?!

    This has been asked a lot. It comes back to the ability to "update", There are 9500 items on the Market Board. And 34 Servers between NA/EU. That is 323,000 updates to handle. Double that to also include Price History (646,000).

    Companion is very slow and the only way to get faster update times is to either: Perform more requests (which results in a BAN), or reduce the amount of items I need to update.

    With this, some items got removed from the system to avoid being banned. This includes items sold by an NPC. 80% of these items are cheaper from the NPC than MB, and some you don't really need a HQ version for (eg: DOW Levelling Gear)

    Until SE decide to stop banning for Companion usage, this cannot be changed.

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Is your feedback about pages showing NPC Gil prices instead of Market Data?
If the answer is YES.


Scroll up, and read the FAQ box above. It does not matter what reason, or scenario, or possible legitimate use you have for these prices, until Square-Enix stop banning accounts that get Market Data, we cannot include these at this time. This isn't about "ripping off people" or anything ethical, this is about stopping SE from banning accounts.

Thank you. Keep scrolling down if your feedback has nothing to do with this.

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