What is mogboard?

The site allows you to view in-game market for multiple servers at anytime, anywhere. It uses the Companion App's API to provide a near real-time view of the market via auto-updated snapshots.

What information can I get?

All market information is available: Prices, Materia, Retainer, Crafters and even Buyers. Everything that you see in-game is available. Additional data-views have been added such as graphs, extended history and cross-world summary is also included.

Can I have access to the data?


Everything you see on mogboard is open for anyone to use, to learn more about how to access the data using a REST API Service, check out the XIVAPI - Market documentation.

Supporting mogboard.com

If you would like to support mogboard as well as XIVAPI you can do so via the Patreon: patreon.com/vekien

Money can be tight, just by using the site and sharing it with your friends will indirectly support the site in more ways than you know. If you like the site, be sure to spread the word :)

So, how does it actually work? Get Technical.

The Companion App that we all love (you can download that here) connects to an API that Square-Enix call "Sight".

"Sight" allows logged in accounts to connect to the market board and pull prices and history, this is how the Companion App functions.

For mogboard, there are 66 characters spread across two accounts that are logged into daily (via code, not a human) and these provide the necessary access to the API. A logged in character is provided a "Authorisation Token" that lasts 24 hours, using this token we can obtain the prices and history for all the items relatively easy and most importantly: automated.

One downside to "Sight" is it's quite slow, so XIVAPI has a Companion Update Service that priorities items in to several different queues and begins to auto-update items behind the scene. mogboard is a cached view of the auto-update data.

Items are prioritised based on how often they sell, items that sell quicker are pushed to a "faster" queue (aka, one with less items and thus cycles through all items quicker) and the further the average sale time becomes, the slower the update cycle. This of this as cars along a free-way, you have 7 Lanes and you need to prioritise who goes where. You could evenly distribute all cars along 7 lanes, however some may need higher priority, gotta get somewhere quick, so you say "fast cars go to Lane 1, slower cars to Lane 7". This is effectively how the auto-update system works. The max update-time is around 2 days.

Item's "Sale Frequency" (how often it sells on average) is checked every 12 hours, this allows the system to re-organise items, if some item becomes popular due to an event or update then as people buy it the site will update it faster, than as people stop buying the item the update time will slow down, this allows a dynamic shift of keeping fast selling items updated more frequently.

I have more questions!

Hop onto our discord and you can ask all your questions.

You can also pm me: Vekien if you prefer :)

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