Welcome to MogBoard!

MogBoard is a small one page site that provides cached access to the FFXIV Market Board for any server**, any time. The page is fully open source and runs on XIVAPI.com

If you are interested in using Market Board information on your site, please have a look at the docs here: XIVAPI Market.


Mogboard now runs on a cache layer. Providing real-time access to Companion API was kind of a bad idea as it can lead to my accounts being banned.

Prices update based on their sale frequency which is checked every 24 hours. This system will be tweaked over time to ensure I do not overload SE's API.

More information about how this works and how to increase update-times will be made available in Mogboard 2.0


This site is a proof of concept. It was thrown together to test what is possible and get community feedback into what they expect from a Market Board site.

If you notice any weirdness, be sure to hop onto the Discord and message @Vekien#3458


A new site has been built and is being beta tested by patreon and members of XIVAPI. This new site will be released just before the World Visit system at the end of April!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my server not working?
I cannot create a character on congested servers at this time. You can check the server status here.

Why do items I've bought still show up?
The site runs on a cache and the item may not have updated yet. In addition to this the official Companion App has a cache/delay for Purchases.

I see some differences in-game vs the site
This can happen, it is due to caching and how often the item updates. This system is being tweaked and will not be perfect.

How do I get the Market data for my own project?
Use XIVAPI: https://xivapi.com/docs/Market

Please note: While I have opened source all my research into accessing the Companion API with your own account, abuse of using that will cause SE to issue you a permanent ban on your accounts. Do not risk it if you do not know what you're doing.

Mogboard and XIVAPI by: Vekien, aka Premium Virtue (Phoenix)
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