Welcome to MogBoard!

MogBoard is a small one page site that provides real-time access to the FFXIV Market Board for any server**, any time. The page is fully open source and uses XIVAPI.com to interact with the Companion API.

If you are interested in using Market Board information on your site, please have a look at the docs here: XIVAPI Market. If you fancy messing with this page and hosting your own, you can find the source code here: Github: viion/marketboard.

beta, beta, beta

This site is heavily in beta right now, deciding on features, seeing what works. Things may go wonky from time to time! If you have an issue, please join the discord and shout at Vekien#3458 :D

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my server not working?
This is likely because the server is congested and not accepting new characters at this time. The site works by having a dedicated login to the Companion API to be able to query the market place on-demand. Once the server becomes unlocked, it will work automatically.

If you do have a *spare* account on a locked server, I would be very much interested in talking with you! Join the Discord and message an admin!

Why do items I've bought still show up?
The companion app API takes some time to update and reflect what has been purchased, this can take a couple minutes. The API has a 15 second cache, so just refresh the listing after a few minutes.

I see some differences in-game vs the site
This can happen and unfortunately it is out of my control. All data comes from SE via the Companion App and when differences appear it is an issue on their end, this either could be a caching issue or some other bug. I am very interested in hearing about these so please post them on the Discord!

How do I get the Market data for my own project?
This whole site is open source, you can take it and do whatever you like with it.

If you're interested in the API you can view the documentation here: https://xivapi.com/docs/Market - you can also view the network traffic in your browsers Dev Tools to have a peak at how I'm using the API!

If you are just more keen to learn about the companion API and bypass XIVAPI completely, have a look at my Research doc on Github.

Do I need to download anything?
No, everything is on demand, real-time, handled by us!

Will you have ads?

** Unfortunately, due to server congestion; the following servers will not work:
  • [JP] Gungnir
  • [JP] Bahamut
  • [JP] Chocobo
  • [JP] Mandragora
  • [JP] Shinryu

Mogboard and XIVAPI by: Vekien, aka Premium Virtue (Phoenix)
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